Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ilustrations for Angela Carter's THE BLOODY CHAMBER

These are the images I created for the Folio Society and the House Of Illustration's Book Ilustration competition for this year.

The brief was to complete an illustration for three short stories in Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories" along with a front cover for the book. The stories selected  were "The Bloody Chamber", "Puss In Boots" and "The Company Of Wolves".

I'd never read any Angela Carter before but a couple of people had mentioned to me in the past that they could see resonances of her work in some of my paintings (I work in a bookshop so have a lot of friends who are much better read than me). I loved the book and will be reading all her other work as well as revisiting the stories in this collection.

Win A Drawing (update)

I've finished the drawing I'm offering as a prize (I thought it was finished yesterday but it turns out it wasn't!).

To get a chance at winning the drawing follow this link to Central Station and leave a comment  - I'll put the name of anyone who leaves a comment into a hat and pick out a winner.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Central Station (win some art!)

Central Station - The Creative Social Network relaunched recently and for 50 Days are featuring 50 Artists.

I was really, really pleased to be picked as one of them (Day 36).

As well as having your work featured being featured puts the artists in the running for a couple of prizes. So in an attempt to try and win I'm trying to encourage people to look at the site over the next few days before the end of the 50 Days and start following them on Facebook or Twitter. I'm going to offer two drawings as prizes, one on Twitter and one on Facebook.

So, if you follow the link on Central Station's Facebook profile to the page featuring my drawing "Corner Of Her Eye" and leave a comment (and you could "like" Central Station's page on Facebook too) you could win this drawing which I think is called "She Didn't Know He Was Going To Be There" .  (I'll stick the name of  anyone who leaves a comment in a hat and pick the winner out and contact them for an address to send the drawing to).

On Twitter anyone who tweets a link to this page or to the page on Central Station could win this drawing called "Big Hair" (just mention me @Coll_Ham in the tweet and I'll see it).

I hope this makes sense.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Iris And The Frog Chorus

This is a drawing I did as a Christmas present for my friends Anthony and Christine of their daughter Iris. Anthony found some little frogs in his garden so I put some of them in too - next year it'll be unicorns and butterflies. Or dinosaurs.

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