Thursday, 7 March 2013

Comic Relief

I've recently done some drawings inspired by the TV show GIRLS -  these were the first bits of drawing I did after breaking my arm and after being reassured and relieved that I could still draw (it was my right arm I broke and I'm right handed) I thought I would try a bit of painting to make sure I could still use a paintbrush too. For inspiration this time I turned to the classic 1970s Sitcom THE GOOD LIFE (which I've been watching round at my Mum's when I visit her after buying her the complete Boxset) and the greatest sitcom character of all time - MARGOT LEADBETTER (Penelope Keith).

I've put all these pieces of work up for sale on eBay to try and raise money for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day which is next week on Friday 15th March.

Here are links to the work up for sale -

Margot Painting

GIRLS drawing 1

GIRLS drawing 2

GIRLS drawing 3

GIRLS drawing 4

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